Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Acids and Bases

Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday!

So we did a few things in class today, most of which have to deal with the things we have been doing in class (Titration and Titration labs).

1. We went over the homework from last night (Monday) which was the Titration lab #2. Many people may have finished in class, but those of you that didn't had to finish it for homework. If you were absent, make sure you get Mr. Tucker to stamp it in for you. Here are some of the answers we got when going over the lab:

The Molarity of the Base for: Trial 1 is .89 M
Trial 2 is .87 M
Trial 3 is .87 M
Trial 4 is .63 M
Trial 5 is .94 M

1. The known substance is the Molarity Acid (.4 M) and the unknown is the Molarity of the base.

2. You could make the argument that both trial 4 and 5 are deviant trials because they are not so similar to the original three. You could just as easily make the argument that they are close enough, and that they are not deviant trials.

3. (Molarity of base at top)

4. a) .84
b) Again, this depends on which side you argued if you said 4 and 5 were deviants, your average is approximately .877 or .88. If you said they were not deviants, it stays the same at .84M

5. Yes, you should throw out the deviant trials, but you should be sure to mention them in your report so that you do not make that mistake again, and just so you remember there was one or multiple with data that was far off.

2. We went over the beginning of Titration lab 3

3. We went back to our tables in our lab groups, put our safety goggles on, and began our labs.

Basically what we did was we did the same thing we had been doing, but with solid acid opposed to liquid acid, and measuring how much base was needed to turn a set amount of acid pink.

Finish lab questions and anything else you might not have finished in class

Other things to take note of:

Someone took Mr. Tucker's keys, and if you know anything about them, he would appreciate it very much if you let him know.

Also, If you want to sign up for the "Chemistry Challenge" there are still teams that are needed. So, if you want to participate in this, and get a 20/20 for a lab grade, feel free to sign up.
Mr. Tucker has been assuring us that it will be somewhere on the scale of ok to fun, so if you like this kind of thing, sign up!

Hope this is helpful!

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