Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday, April 7th 2011- Emma N.

At the beginning of class, we picked up 4 note sheets to put in our journal titled "ACIDS/BASES" and we also went into our lab groups and each separately read a paragraph from our text book paper copies, and had to write the "GIST" (hence the title) of the section we read. Including writing key words we read, and writing a 20 word summary of what we read including the key words we had previously written. We shared our summaries with each other, while Mr. Tucker checked in our Venn Diagrams we had for homework about the difference between acids and bases, and then shared our summaries with the class.

Then we took some notes.

1. Acids
A. What are some properties of acids?
-tastes sour
-reacts w/ metal to create H2 (g)
-turn litmus paper red
-react w/ carbonates to create CO2 (g)
*** IMPORTANT -creates H+ in water
B. What happens when acids dissociate in water?
HCl--> H+ + Cl-
HNO3 --> H+ + NO3-
2. Bases
A. What are some properties of bases?
-tastes bitter
-turns litmus paper blue
-turns pht (phenolphthalein) pink
*** IMPORTANT -creates OH- in water
B. What happens when bases dissociate in wateR?
NaOH--> Na+ + OH-
NH3--> Na4+ + OH- (trick one!!)
-Strong acids& bases completely dissociate in water (split apart)
-Weak acids&bases only partially separate in water.

At the end of class Mr. Tucker handed us a notecard which we wrote A on one side and B on the other, and he asked us questions and we had to decided which it was A, for acid, or B, for Base.

We received no additional additional homework except to finish the lab reports on moodle which are due tomorrow (Friday, April 8th, 2011)

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