Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thurs 4/14/11

I. a.) Picked up Tritaion problems worksheet b.) Went over number 3: -H2SO4 + 2NAOH ---> 2H2O + NA2SO4 -How many ml of 0.6 M H2SO4 are needed to neutralize 90 ml of 0.4 M NAOH? (MA x VA = MB VB) ---> 2 X 6M x VA = 0.4M x 90 ml II. a.) Went over more examples of the same types of questions from #3: -HCL + CA(OH)2 would be MA x VA = 2MB x VB -H3PO4 + NAOH would be 3MA x VA = MB x VB -H2CO3 + AL(OH)3 would be 2MA x VA = 3MB x VB III. a.) Watched a CSI episode for the rest of class discussing a case where a man got pushed into a pool of highly concentrated acid and then burned, boiled, and died within a period of minutes. We discussed how the investigators would need vinegar (a base) to neutralize the acid before being able to pull the man out of the pool, otherwise they would burn too. If they just used water, it would slowly lower the concetration of the acid, but never actually neutralize it. Mr. Tucker also made his point that the most important part of the episode was that the wild boar was in season and that was why we were watching this in chemistry class.

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